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Maternal Mental Health

This is a time when you are supposed to be enjoying your new baby, resting when baby is resting, and connecting with baby. However, things are not going the way you expected. You are feeling disconnected from your baby and it’s not getting better no matter how much skin-to-skin you do or mommy and baby time that you are doing. Nothing seems to be working and you are falling deeper into despair and you feel sad frequently. 

Post partum depression Jacksonville, FL

The tears fall silently and you are trying to make it seem like you are happy, but you are not. 

post partum therapy jacksonville, Florida

You feel embarrassed or guilty for feeling this way. You are not connecting with family or friends and your sleeping and eating patterns are not well. This was supposed to be the happiest time in your life, but in reality, it is not…and that is okay. The feelings and experiences that you are going through, many mothers have experienced and change is possible. 

Imagine feeling like you again. Connecting with your baby and interacting with friends and family again.

Doing things that you enjoy and getting back to feeling excited about this time of your life. We can work together to process the changes that you are experiencing to help you feel more connected to life again.

post partum therapy in Jacksonville, Florida
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