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Therapy for Young Adults

You may have just graduated from high school, are currently attending college, or just transitioned into the career field not too long ago. No matter where you are in your early adulthood, things can be both exciting and overwhelming. Many of these experiences or transitions may be new and confusing as there are things coming up that you don’t know how to handle. 


Handling adult stuff can be a lot and no matter how you try to prepare for it, life keeps on happening.


A new level of freedom may come with more decisions, exciting adventures, and new responsibilities. With these new experiences, more anxiety may increase about whether or not you are making the right decision. You question yourself more and are not sure. Perhaps all of it is too much and you just stop doing and things start piling up and you are feeling numb to it all.

It can feel overwhelming, but relief is possible. 

Imagine feeling more confident in the decisions that you make in your life. Being able to handle the ups and downs of what happens in life. Managing your responsibilities so that they feel more doable. 

I’d like to support you in “adulting” in a different way that feels more realistic for you so that you can 

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