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Virtual Moms of Teens Support Group

Mother's of teens support group

There your teen goes again. Huffing and puffing and rolling their eyes. Their one-word, lackluster responses are getting under your skin and you are not sure how to connect with them. When they were younger it was so easy. They were talkative, and asked so many questions and right around the age of 12-13 things started to change and as they get older, things shifted even more. They have become preoccupied with their friends and social media and it feels like you have been shut out. 

I get it. Being a parent of a teenager is hard and there’s not playbook on this. You thought the terrible two’s were the worst but this, this is something different. However, we can work together to find ways to support you in shifting with your teenager in a healthy way. 


You are not alone and we can support you within our virtual Moms of Teens support group. You’ll get to explore your feelings, gain the community of other moms that get it, and explore ways to connect with your teen through all of their changes. 

Virtual Teens Support Group


During the teenage years many shifts are happening, whether it is your friend groups, your relationship with your parents or you are trying to figure out who you are it can be tough. Being a teen can be hard and you may need an outlet to voice how you really feel about what is going on with life. Having a space to do so is important and with other teens like you who understand you. Come join us virtually to connect with other teens in a safe, no judgment space to vent while finding ways to cope better.

In-Person Post-Partum Support Group

Mother with her Baby

Having a new baby can be exciting but may also come with shifts in your mood and wellbeing. These shifts may be difficult due to not feeling like you are connecting with your baby, sadness, hopelessness, or not feeling like yourself anymore. You don’t have to remain silent and suffer alone. It is not your fault and help is available. Come join our in-person support group with other moms who are going through these same feelings like you are. Through this group you will get a chance to connect with other moms who get what you are experiencing, share your story and find ways to work through this together. 

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