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Therapy for Working Moms 

This is not the first time that the dishes have piled up and the chores seem unbearable. Your calendar is building up with a list of to-dos, work meetings, and after-school activities.


"No one prepares you for a life of working and raising children."


You have tried and tried to get organized and you say, “This week is going to be better” but it never is. It feels like you are chasing an unrealistic goal and you get further and further behind in your desire to take a break and actually DO some self-care.

Therapy for moms in Jacksonville, FL
how to work and be a parent therapy for working moms

I mean the other moms make it look so easy right? On Instagram with their clean houses, yoga and coffee, and self-care. That’s not reality, right? Life can get messy and social media may show a skewed perception of life for working moms. I’m here to let you know that working and moming whether you are married or not, IS HARD, but it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine getting things more in order and finding a balance that works for YOU and YOUR FAMILY not someone else's.

Catching up on things and actually feeling like you can take a deep breath and sigh of relief. …And instead of DOING all of the time you find space and time to BE. Space and time to rediscover what it is like to do things that you enjoyed, that make YOU happy, and is not tied to an outcome or work. 

work life balance therapy for working moms in Florida

This is possible and I invite us to chat about the possibility of getting life in order on YOUR TERMS because to be honest with you momma, you work hard and you deserve rest. 

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