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Aisha Gordon, MSW, RCSWI
Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern ISW

I am the Founder and Owner of Orchid Soul Wellness & Counseling Services, LLC where I focus on maternal health, especially Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, Mother/Daughter relationships, as well as teens and young adults experiencing depression and anxiety. I am a native of South Carolina, where I graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a Bachelor in Psychology (2009) and from the University of South Carolina with a Master of Social Work (2012). I have many years in the behavioral and mental health and I am currently pursuing my full-time licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

I have provided therapy for many years and am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Perinatal Mental Health, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Pregnancy and Infant Loss (P.A.I.L), and Youth Mental Health First Aid. I also host support groups for teens, postpartum mothers, and pregnancy loss. I also advocate for Moms/Birthing Persons of all ages to receive quality postpartum therapeutic care. Therapy will be tailored to each individual's needs to promote personal growth and healing. 

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My Passion  & Purpose

I am a Black woman, wife, mother, and daughter, all titles I proudly wear. Growing up and serving in these roles have lead me to a career to work with teens, young adults and mothers across the lifespan. I can attest to being a teen and learning to navigate through life, facing parental issues, peer pressure, balancing school, friends, and work, and learning to establish my identity and independence.  I recognize this time can feel overwhelming, but having a trusted person and support system can make this time easier to navigate. 

As an adult, I have faced becoming a mother and wife and learning healthy coping skills in these new roles and learning to navigate has been a major transition. Along with the joy and excitement of starting these new chapters, feelings of doubt, inadequacy, loss of identity, and fear have crept in a few times. I also have surrounded myself with strong support system and I have learned to live in the moment.  I encourage you to reach out and begin the healing journey at Orchid Soul Wellness & Counseling Services, LLC.